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Fabulous News for 2019 in New Zealand two more Champson Defender very rare blood lines calfs hit the ground

  • New calves born 2019
  • New calves born 2019



Semen for sale in the UK and for Export.

A very well fleshed, mossy curly coated, traditional bull.

At £14,000gns the highest price Red Ruby Bull sold at the DCBS Show & Sale in 2008.

No Saler or polled blood line.

Semen now exported to New Zealand, and Australia.

Offspring of Champson Defender.

A young cow only had one calf. 22 month old Bull sold for £3,000gns. Two 18 month Heifers.
  • DSCN0154

Calves born in New Zealand September 2018


Organic Meat

Organic sirloin steak, son of Champson Defender. " Beef you can eat " ! Organic Top Side ( above ) An organic reared steer by Champson Defender 28 months old, 342Kgs dead weight. This is real red ruby beef no saler or polled blood lines.